Lexington Innovations provides custom technology solutions to organizations transacting in the capital markets industry.

With over 50 years of experience dealing with Canada’s big banks and other financial institutions, our ability to solve the technological challenges of today’s capital markets is simply unmatched.

Why Lexington Innovations?

There is no shortage of companies providing consulting to financial organizations. There is also no shortage of companies that provide technologies for the capital markets. However, at Lexington Innovations, we have the unique capacity to match leading-edge technologies to capital-markets needs in a way that is targeted, adaptable and customized.



Capital Markets Technology

We provide leading-edge technologies to the capital markets, including blockchain, artificial intelligence, data abstraction, and high-performance calculation engines. Our technology selections are driven by our deep understanding of particular business problems. The objective of implementing any technology should always be to drive the business forward.

Regulatory Adherence

With 50 years of experience in capital markets, we know that technology solutions must adhere to the extensive regulatory framework that exists globally, which includes Basel, Dodd-Frank, EMIR, FRTB, etc., and covers all asset classes.

Experienced Experts/Consultants

We don’t just know the technology, we know how to guide banks and financial organizations through the constantly evolving maze of technological change within the capital-markets sectors — and we have a track record of doing just that.

Additional Capabilities

If there’s a technological need that your organization must meet within the capital-markets industry, Lexington has a solution for you. Such areas of expertise include: risk management, regulatory compliance, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and whatever else comes around the corner in a sector that has changed and will continue to do so.

Leading-edge innovation, custom solutions

Lexington develops quality relationships with organizations in the capital markets because we deliver technological innovation that meets specific needs.


Lexington’s leadership team, Chamin and Phill, possesses decades of experience delivering technology solutions to banks, financial institutions and other organizations in the capital markets. The partnership works because, together, they fuse technological knowledge with capital-markets expertise in a way that is unique in the industry.

Chamin Bellana
Chamin BellanaManaging Director
Years of experience: 15+ Chamin is Lexington’s business specialist who guides clients in the capital-markets industry through the technology options available to them.
Phill Moran
Phill MoranManaging Director
Years of experience: 20+ Phill is Lexington’s tech specialist whose expertise lies in developing the technology available to serve the needs of capital-markets institutions.


A crucial component to Lexington’s ability to deliver targeted solutions to valued clients is the team we have in place that’s dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable in their field of expertise.

David ClairPrincipal
Enn KuutanPrincipal
Radek GuzikPrincipal
Bernard ChanPrincipal
Alison LeungSenior Consultant
Anton SkouridesSenior Consultant
Suraj GuptaSenior Consultant
Narmin SultanovaSenior Consultant
Constantin LonescuSenior Consultant
Elchin KarimovConsultant

Career Opportunities

We have several open roles at Lexington right now please reach out to us at recruiting@lexingtoninnovations.com

AI Developers 
    • Text recognition and digitization
    • Transaction processing
    • Alternative data modelling


Business analysts
Multiple roles – can be any combination of these
    • Anti-money laundering business knowledge
    • Wealth management knowledge
    • Trade surveillance
    • Payments processing 

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Lexington Innovations

Unique technology solutions for the capital-markets industry.